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Formulation & Characterization Services

We offer a broad range of formulation expertise to identify and test the optimal drug delivery choice for your therapeutic. 

This will accelerate the preclinical development of your drug or nucleic acid therapeutic by enabling you to perform the critical proof-of-concept studies in a more timely manner.   

1. Liposome Drug Formulation & Characterization

2. In vitro release assay (IVR) Development Services for Complex Parenteral Formulations




3. Lipid Nanoparticle Formulation for in vitro and in vivo Delivery of siRNA, mRNA, oligo and plasmid

Liposome encapsulation studies, encapsulation optimization studies, drug/lipid purity analysis, particle size and surface charge, osmolarity, pH, endotoxin measurements. Bio-analytical analysis and method development.   
IVR drug release enabling excipient selection, assay condition optimization, IVIVC model development
Utilizing commercially available or proprietary novel lipids, we offer nucleic acid encapsulation services using state of the art microfluidics mixing techniques. Particle characterization includes nucleic acid concentration, encapsulation efficiency, N/P ratio, nucleic acid integrity, particle size and zeta potential, bioburden, endotoxin levels.  
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